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STAC Solicitation 03-STAC-01



The first STAC solicitation for projects (03-STAC-1), Energy Efficiency Research, Development, Demonstration, and Deployment Projects, and other information is available for download at the links below. All instructions pertaining to this solicitation are contained in the solicitation document.

The first link below is to the STAC solicitation in PDF format, including all of the attachments. The second link includes only attachments A and B in MS Word format. Attachments A and B include forms which may be easier to use in this format.

Amendments to Solicitation 03-STAC-01

Below is Amendment 1 to the solicitation. This amendment adds a new program area and additional funding-subject to the availability of appropriations for federal fiscal year 2004. To access the amendment click here.

Important Announcements on STAC Solicitation 03-STAC-01

STAC Solicitation 03-STAC-01 Proposal Submission Deadline Extension

Due to Hurricane Isabel, the proposal deadline for all STAC Solicitation areas, A, B, C, D, and E has been extended from September 22, 2003, to September 24, 2003, 5:00 p.m. Eastern.

Therefore, the Award Schedule is hereby modified to reflect the revised proposal due date, of September 24, 2003. Proposals shall be evaluated for a period of approximately 60 days following the revised due date, and Contract negotiation and signing will conclude approximately 30 days following the completion of the evaluation of proposals.

STAC Responses to Questions Received Regarding the Solicitation

Under Solicitation 03-STAC-01 questions were to be submitted electronically. All questions received in accordance with the instructions of the solicitation, as well as STACís responses to those questions are included in the document link below.

Project Size

STAC has learned that there is some misinformation circulating regarding a minimum or maximum funding level for proposed projects under the pending solicitation (03-stac-01). We want to clarify that the solicitation indicates no minimum or maximum for proposed projects. The STAC solicitation does not indicate, nor does the STAC Executive Committee favor a particular dollar threshold for proposed projects. No matter the size, the STAC Executive Committee is interested in impact projects that result in significant technical advances and/or substantial deployment of technologies indicated in the various program areas of the solicitation and that recognize the multi-state nature of the solicitation.

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