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Projects Resulting From STAC Solicitation 03-STAC-01 Energy Efficiency Research, Development, Demonstration, and Deployment

The projects are grouped in four categories, Buildings, Industrial, Transportation, Distributed Energy Resources, and Hydrogen Technology Learning Center. Additional information, such as abstracts and project news can be found under the links for each project.

Building Technologies

1. Building Commissioning – Innovation to Practice

This two-year project targeting commercial buildings includes research, development, demonstration and deployment, and is directed at overcoming owner and industry barriers to the adoption of building commissioning.

California Energy Commission
PIER - Buildings End-Use Efficiency Research
1516 9th Street, Mail Stop 43
Sacramento, CA 95814-5512
(916) 654-4581
Contact: Norman Bourassa
Email: [email protected]

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)
Texas Engineering Experiment Station (TEES)
Oregon Dept. of Energy (ODOE)
University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL)

2. Strategies to Increase HVAC Efficiency in the Northeast

This one-year project focuses on cooling technologies. It combines a characterization of the market and analysis of trends with an assessment of HVAC efficiency potential, followed by a field assessment of the effectiveness of training for heating and cooling system installations.

New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA)
17 Columbia Circle
Albany, NY 11203-6399
(518) 862-1090 x 3355
Contact: Brian Atchinson
Email: [email protected]

New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU)
Conservation Services Group (CSG)
Proctor Engineering Group
Nexus Market Research
Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, Inc. (NEEP)

3. Development, Implementation and Deployment of Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics for Vapor Compression Equipment

This two-year project aims to improve the technology and reduce the cost of automated fault detection and diagnostics in HVAC equipment. Field-testing will be undertaken in residential and commercial buildings, and training programs will be developed for technicians.

Purdue University
Ray W. Herrrick Laboratories
West Lafayette, IN 47907
(765) 494-9157
Contact: Jim Braun
Email: [email protected]

Ben Franklin Technology
Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania (BF)
Field Diagnostics Services, Inc. (FDSI)

4. Closing the Gap: Getting Full Performance from Residential Central Air Conditioners

This two-year project includes the development of next-generation central air-conditioning performance ratings, development and demonstration of a central air conditioner for hot/humid climates, and HVAC contractor training.

New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA)
17 Columbia Circle
Albany, NY 12203-6399
(518) 862-1090 ext. 3336
Contact: Peter Douglas
Email: [email protected]

Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)
Advanced Energy (AE)
Energy Center of Wisconsin (ECW)

5. Real-Time Predictive Optimal Control of Active and Passive Thermal Storage Systems

This project will develop a real-time optimal controller for thermal storage systems from design through prototype development and testing in laboratory conditions, followed by field implementation in two commercial buildings.

University of Colorado-Boulder
CEAE Department, CB 428
Boulder, CO 80309
(303) 492-3389
Contact: Moncef Krarti
Email: [email protected]

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Johnson Controls

Industrial Technologies

6. Field Trial of a High Capacity Gas-Fired Paper Dryer

This project builds on a pilot scale dryer project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. From the results of that project, a preliminary and final design will be completed, a gas-fired system constructed and a field trial conducted.

Minnesota Department of Commerce, State Energy Office
85 7th Place East, Suite 500
St. Paul, MN 55101
(651) 297-2326
Contact: James Madson
Email: [email protected]

West Michigan University (WMU)
Gas Technology Institute (GTI)

7. Western U. S. Food Processing Efficiency Initiative

This two-year effort will develop a body of knowledge about the food processing industry’s energy and water efficiency opportunities. At least six demonstration projects will be completed and an analysis and best practices portfolio will be assembled. Results will be disseminated via training and workshops.

Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE)
625 Marion Street, NE
Salem, OR 97301-3737
(503) 378-6043
Contact: Mark W. Kendall
Email: [email protected]

Washington State University Energy Program (WSU)
Idaho Department of Water Resources Energy Division (Idaho)
California Energy Commission (CEC)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories (LBNL)
Del Monte Foods
Northwest Food Processors Association (NWFPA)
California League of Food Processors (CLFP)

8. Achieving More with Less: Efficiency and Economics of Motor Decision Tools

A total of 100 NEMA Premium motors will be installed while the displaced motors are tested to develop a strong industry case study. An analysis of the economics of motor reliability will be conducted, and a previously published document on horsepower breakpoint curves will be updated. Seminars will be held in five areas of the country.

Advanced Energy
909 Capability Drive, Suite 2100
Raleigh, NC 27606
(919) 857-9007
Contact: Daniel Welch
Email: [email protected]

Washington State University Energy Program
California Energy Commission
New York State Energy Research & Development Authority

9. Use of Pressurized Ozone and Compressed Air Flotation with Membrane Filtration for Industrial Process Water Treatment at a Forest Products Facility

In 18 months this project will demonstrate a membrane filtration system at a molded fiber paper mill. The process will reduce the amount of fresh water needed for mill operations. This project expands upon a complementary project, which focuses only on the ozone system in the plant stream. Integrating the ozone process with efficient membrane filtration will provide an overall efficiency not available with separate independent systems.

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)
17 Columbia Circle
Albany, NY 11203-6399
(518) 862-1090 x3377
Contact: Dana Levy
Email: [email protected]

Michigan Department of Consumer & Industry Services
Pactiv Corporation

10. Development of a Total Assessment Audit Protocol for the Chemical Industry

Project Completed February 2006

Transportation Technologies

11. Advanced Travel Center (Truckstop) Electrification for Reducing Idling from Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Project Completed January 2005

Distributed Energy Resources

12. Distributed Energy Infrastructure Analysis and Pilot Project for New Jersey and Pennsylvania Targeted in the Small and Medium Sized Commercial and Industrial Sectors

This one-year project will evaluate a baseline of distributed energy resources (DER) for all markets, as well as the financial, regulatory and technical barriers to expanding DER in the two states. Based on the analysis, a policy manual will be produced, and pilot projects will be conducted with about 30 to 50 MW of DER installed in each state.

NJ Board of Public Utilities, Office of Clean Energy (NJBPU)
P. O. Box 350
Trenton, NJ 08625-0350
(609) 777-3335
Contact: Mike Winka
Email: [email protected]

PA Dept. of Environmental Protection, Office of Energy (PADEP)
National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC)
Center for Energy, Economic and Environmental Policy, Rutgers (CEEEP)
Madison Energy Consultants (MEC)
National Council on Electricity Policy (NCEP)
PJM Conective

13. Distributed Energy Resources – Expanding DER Applications in Target Markets

This two-year project will develop and demonstrate a two-phase biofermentation system to produce methane from dairy manure and reuse resulting solids as a beneficial amendment to the soil while producing heat for internal use and electricity for sale. The process also involves a low water usage technology. Results will be documented and disseminated nationally.

New Mexico Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD)
Energy Conservation & Management Division (ECMD)
1220 South Street, Francis Drive
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 476-3314
Contact: Rene Parker
Email: [email protected]

Texas State Energy Conservation Office (SECO)
New Mexico State University (NMSU)

Hydrogen Technology Learning Centers

14. Hydrogen Technology Learning Centers for California, Florida, and New York

This 18-month effort will establish learning centers in the three named states. The project will develop interactive displays and exhibits, set up of a website, produce information publications, conduct a national conference and develop and offer courses at the community college and university levels.

Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)
1679 Clearlake Road
Cocoa, FL 32922
(916) 654-4086
Contact: David Block
Email: [email protected]

California Energy Commission (CEC)
NY State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA)

15. Virginia-Maryland Hydrogen Technology Education Center (H2TEC)

This three-year project will establish a new undergraduate course in hydrogen technology in the two states, as well as graduate study in the hydrogen area. Short courses and seminars for professionals will be offered. In addition, presentations for non-technical audiences will be developed and K-12 outreach is also included.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (VT)
460 Turner Street, Suite 306
Blacksburg, VA 24060
(540) 231-5520
Contact: David Fuller
Email: [email protected]

University of Maryland (UMCP)
Breakthrough Technologies Institute
Hampton Roads Clean Cities Coalition

16. Development of a Regional Hydrogen Technology Education Consortium (HyTEC)

This three-year effort led by a consortium of four universities from four states will provide education and training for students, professionals, and the public. The consortium will establish centers at each university, develop courses, workshops, establish a quarterly electronic newsletter, and develop and disseminate K - 12 outreach materials.

North Carolina A&T State University (NCATSU-CERT)
Center for Energy Research & Training
1610 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411
(336) 334-7955
Contact: Dr. Shamsuddin Ilias
Email: [email protected]

University of South Carolina
University of Florida
University of Georgia

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