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Rebuild America Technical Assistance

Nationally coordinated technical assistance available through select DOE National Laboratories will continue to be provided on a limited basis through the remainder of the federal fiscal year ending September 30, 2005. The four Laboratories involved include Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). ORNL will oversee and coordinate the assistance during this period. Each DOE Regional Office (RO) will continue as a liaison with the national laboratories, state energy offices, and STAC management.

Technical assistance will consist of facilitating projects and investments which will result in significant, cost-effective energy savings for building owners in the five market sectors served by Rebuild America K-12 Schools, Colleges and Universities, Local and State Governments, Multifamily and Public Housing, and Private Commercial. Assistance will be offered in the following technical areas:

  1. Pre-Project Planning
  2. Project Definition
  3. Design Phase/Building Evaluation
  4. Contracts and Financing
  5. Technologies and Systems Design

Technical Assistance Requests

Rebuild America partnerships are eligible for in-depth assistance. In about one month, Rebuild America will use a new approach to providing technical assistance. Partnerships will contact specified individuals in their respective State Energy Offices and ask them to evaluate and potentially submit any technical assistance request to ORNL. Rebuild America is in the process of collecting appropriate State Energy Office staff contact information that will facilitate this approach. However, until July 15, 2005, partnerships should contact Ronald Shelton, Rebuild America Lab Coordinator, at ORNL, to request technical assistance at:

Ron Shelton
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
P.O. Box 2008, MS 6070
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6070
Office: 865-576-7324
Fax: 865-241-4152
Email: [email protected]

Once contacted, the Rebuild America Lab Coordinator will assess the request and assign it to a staff expert in the appropriate discipline. The respective State Energy Office and EERE Regional Office will be informed of the assignment. The assigned Lab expert will communicate directly with the partnerships point of contact to review the request and establish the method and schedule for delivering the requested assistance. All available resources will be considered so that the most appropriate response is given. The Lab expert will work directly with the partnership to deliver the requested assistance, keeping the Lab Coordinator informed of key activities. Evaluation and feedback concerning the technical assistance will be requested from the partnership. The Lab expert is responsible for reporting completion of the request and the Lab Coordinator verifies closure of the request.

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Last Updated: 06/14/05