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As of May 2, 2005, the State Technologies Advancement Collaborative (STAC) is administering the Rebuild America Program for the Department of Energy. Overall funding has been reduced leaving few direct resources for the schools sector. To ensure that direct Federal technical assistance continues to be available to the many schools that have been part of Energy Smart Schools, STAC has worked to see that schools can continue to receive tools and resources to support their energy efficiency efforts under the ENERGY STAR Program.

The ENERGY STAR Program provides assistance to schools to meet their goals through objective energy management guidance, performance metrics, financial analysis calculators, peer networking, cases studies, links to service and product providers and energy efficiency program resources and recognition for demonstrated energy savings.

The Rebuild America Program will continue to respond to any inquiries from State Energy Offices, school districts, and others for information or support through its technical support function at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). ORNL will assure that technical assistance requests from schools for the support offered by the ENERGY STAR Program are transmitted to EPA for action.

More information about the Rebuild America Program transition to STAC for the Department of Energy may be found at the STAC website (www.stacenergy.org). If you have any questions about the ENERGY STAR program please contact Katy Hatcher at EPA ([email protected]), or Bob Kripowicz, Program Director of STAC ([email protected]).

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