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As of May 2, 2005, the State Technologies Advancement Collaborative (STAC) began administering the Rebuild America Program for the Department of Energy. Overall funding has been reduced leaving few direct resources to support Business Partners. To ensure that Federal assistance continues to be available to the many service and product providers that have been part of this effort, STAC is announcing the opportunity for Rebuild America Business Partners to participate in the ENERGY STAR Program as Service and Product Provider partners (SPPs). Many of Rebuild America’s Business Partners are already participating ENERGY STAR partners.

The ENERGY STAR program helps service and product providers demonstrate the potential of energy efficiency investments to their customers. By becoming part of the ENERGY STAR Program as SPPs, Rebuild America Business Partners can continue to be part of a Federal energy efficiency program which provides vital links between service and product providers and the buildings community to increase the use of energy efficient products and services.

As part of the ENERGY STAR network, SPP partners will be able to gain a market advantage by being listed in the Service and Product Provider Directory on the ENERGY STAR website, which highlights active SPP partners. In addition, EPA provides training and networking opportunities with other ENERGY STAR partners and plans to cosponsor/participate in a number of workshops with interested national, regional, and state partners. To join the ENERGY STAR program as a Service and Product Provider Partner, go to www.energystar.gov.

Because of reduced overall funding in FY 2005 and an increased emphasis on direct support to the States and localities through competitive procurements, support previously provided to Business Partners in the development of workshops, seminars, and other opportunities for the marketing of energy efficient products and services will be curtailed; however, the Rebuild America Program will continue to respond to any inquiries from State Energy Offices and other Rebuild partners for information or services requested from former Business Partners, through its technical support function at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). ORNL will assure that requests for the support offered by the ENERGY STAR program will be transmitted to EPA for action.

More information about the Rebuild America Program transition to STAC for the Department of Energy may be found at the STAC website (www.stacenergy.org). If you have any questions about the ENERGY STAR program, please contact Bob Sauchelli ([email protected]), or Bob Kripowicz, Program Director of STAC ([email protected]).

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