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The U.S. Department of Energy’s Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Infrastructure Technologies Program, through a now closed STAC solicitation, sought to develop and operate Hydrogen Technology Learning Centers to educate students; potential endusers, such as fleets or building developers; local officials; and the public about the vision of a hydrogen economy, hydrogen technologies and applications, the safe use of hydrogen as an energy carrier, and the challenges to achieving a hydrogen economy. Three Hydrogen Technology learning center projects were selected for cost-shared funding in 2004, including:

  • Hydrogen Technology Learning Centers for California, Florida, and New York
    This 18-month effort will establish learning centers in the three named states. The project participants will develop interactive displays and exhibits, set up a website, produce information publications, and conduct a national conference. Project Lead: University of Central Florida-Florida Solar Energy Center.
  • Virginia-Maryland Hydrogen Technology Education Center
    This three-year project will establish a new undergraduate course in hydrogen technology in the two states, as well as graduate study in the hydrogen area. Short courses and seminars for professionals will be offered. In addition, presentations for non-technical audiences will be developed and K-12 outreach is also included. Project Lead: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Alexandria Research Institute)
  • Development of a Regional Hydrogen Technology Education Consortium
    This three-year effort led by a consortium of four universities from four states will provide education and training for students, professionals, and the public. The consortium will establish centers at each university, develop courses, workshops, establish a quarterly electronic newsletter, and develop and disseminate K - 12 outreach materials. Project Lead: North Carolina A&T University.

Detailed descriptions of each of the projects, including their statements of work, deliverables, and status can be accessed by clicking on the project title links above.

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